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Freedom of expression in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is the 7th. riches country in the world in regards to GDP, and is considered as a staple of economic prosperity and luxury in the middle east. WIth the infamous city of Dubai as a hotspot for wealthy personel all over the world. The United Arab Emirates promotes an image of beauty and perfection, with large cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai looking like a modern paradise.

But how perfect is UAE really, is it the profound euthopia they attempt to sell, and how free is it really for the people who live there, the news organizations that keep the public informed and the thousands of tourists that visit every year?

The UAE constitution in regards to public freedoms, rights, and duties states the following:

Article 25 provides that all persons are equal before the law without discrimination between the citizens in regard to race, nationality, religious belief or social status.

Article 26 provides that personal liberty is guaranteed to all citizens.

Article 28 provides that an accused shall be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a legal and fair trial.

However, despite these constitutional there have been reports that the UAE government has continued to commit serious human rights violations, including arbitrary detention, cruel and inhuman treatment of detainees, suppression of freedom of expression, and violation of the right to privacy. The United Arab Emirates continued to deprive stateless individuals of the right to nationality, impacting their access to a range of services. Courts have aslo passed numerous death sentences and there have been reports of executions.


UAE Constitution:

Amnesty international


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