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An Honest Review of “Belfast” (2021)

In my opinion, the movie “Belfast” (2021) was nothing exceptional. Its most unique quality, and what makes it stand out from most “Drama” movies set in “wartime” is its focus on the 9-year-old, protestant, protagonist Buddy. In the movie we see a family dispute escalate as their neighbourhood in the city of Belfast is continuously…

Freedom of expression in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is the 7th. riches country in the world in regards to GDP, and is considered as a staple of economic prosperity and luxury in the middle east. WIth the infamous city of Dubai as a hotspot for wealthy personel all over the world. The United Arab Emirates promotes an image of…

Back at it again (at crispy cream)

After finishing english 1 last year I have again returned for english 2. I have come to the conclusion that an intruduction in this particular blog is redundant because there is already a pre-existing introduction on this page. As far as expectations go I only have one, which is that the subjects remains as interesting…

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